This is C& América Latina!

A new multilingual Platform focused on Afro-Latin America

The art magazine will be addressing the ties between Africa, Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since 2015 the art magazine Contemporary And (C&) has been addressing the ties between Africa, Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2016 we published our first print issue in São Paulo dedicating interviews, features and essays to the Afro-Brazilian art scene. The reality for most Afro-Brazilian artists today is still a state of invisibility within the Brazilian art scene and beyond. One example for this that remained with us was that of Rosana Paulino, who in 2010 was the first Afro-Brazilian artist to achieve a PhD in visual arts in Brazil. During that time working on that print issue we realized that it would be a good and important moment to start creating a whole new digital magazine focusing on these very connections between Afro-Latin America, The Caribbean and Africa.

So here we are! Our just launched website is a constantly growing platform and network hoping to creating discourse and discussion. C& América Latina will be presenting features, essays, interviews, news, and opportunities concerned with the many connections, shared experiences and differences in the respective contemporary art practice.

C& América Latina brings together different perspectives from artists like Adriana Bustos, who talks about the “disappearance of the black” in Argentinian identity: over young Black, Chinese, and Native graffiti artists in Peru exploring their roots.

We are thrilled to publish our new content in Spanish, Portugese and English.

C& América Latina is published by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and the Goethe-Institut.