C&AL’s Highlights of 2023 You Might Have Missed

From the meaning of Abya Yala and Pindorama to Astral Quilombismo, these are some of our most read articles this year.

Reclaiming Space: Reverse Architecture in the Work of Wisrah C.V. da R. Celestino
An essay on the exhibition space as a set of economic and power relations in the work of Wisrah, an artist from Minas Gerais.

In Conversation with
José Luis Macas: Bartering and Reciprocity with the Land
A conversation with the artist, professor, and researcher about the historical legacy of indigenous peoples in his art.

What do Abya Yala and Pindorama mean?
An essay on ancestral names for the sociopolitical territory we now call Latin America.

Installation View
35th São Paulo Bienal – Choreographies of the Impossible
With the participation of 121 artists, biennial brings to light new perspectives on the urgencies of today’s world.

La Escuela del Fogón: the kitchen as a place for social transformation
A chat with Dea López about food, politics and art, in this project that highlights the power of food in society.

In Conversation with
Yauri Muenala: cooperation and synergy between Kichwa artists
Regarding the winning project of the 2022–2023 Mariano Aguilera Prize, currently in the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo of Quito.

Haroldo Sabóia: Between words, the body, gesture, memory, and images
Artist, journalist, and photographer Haroldo Sabóia’s diverse career path in the arts transcends borders and pre-established definitions in his work.