C&AL’s Highlights You Might Have Missed

From the anti-racism of Cervantes to the legacy of Indigenous architecture, these are some of our most read articles.

In Conversation With Lía Colombino
The Museo del Barro and Multicultural Art in Paraguay
The Museum is dedicated to all types of visual arts that highlight the cultural and ethnic diversity of Paraguay.

In Conversation with Castiel Vitorino
“Trauma is Brazilian”
In an interview with curator Diane Lima, artist Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro talks about her first solo exhibition.

A Latin American Universe
What Is “Latinx”?
“Latinx” is an update of traditional labels usually applied to describe Latin American migrant communities in the US.

In Conversation with Maximiliano Mamani
“Creating Art from a Precarious Position Is a Challenge and an Opportunity”
The Argentinean artist gives life to the drag queen Bartolina Xixa and examines LGBT constructs, colonialism and gender concepts.

Black Lives Matter, Cervantes and the Spanish Heritage
“A Legacy that Privileges Whiteness and Excludes Blackness”
A talk about statues and Black Lives Matter, the discrepancy of the Spanish heritage and the author of “Don Quixote”.

Ancient Space, Modern Architecture, and Contemporary Art
Indigenous Architecture in the Americas
American indigenous knowledge influenced Europeans in many ways, sometimes unexpected – among them the art of building.