Looking back

Latinx Black History Month

From Colombian picó to Haitian migration in Cuba, these are some of the stories that have shaped Afro-Latinx cultures.

Zumvi Archive
Black Image Memory
Dedicated to photographic memories of Black populations, the Zumvi Archive has been documenting the history of Afro-Brazilians for three decades.

Artists in Transit in the 1960s and 1970s
In building bridges with Africa, Brazil’s military dictatorship did not hide its intentions to reinforce the country’s supposed racial democracy.

In Conversation with Jim C. Nedd
A Musical Portal to Africa in the Caribbean
A talk about the Colombian Caribbean musical culture of the “Picó” and multiple identities in the Caribbean in relation to Africa.

Blacks, Chinese And Natives in Peruvian Graffiti
Speaking Walls
In Peru, young artists are exploring their roots – while trying to change the way the Latin American country regards itself.

In Conversation with Tiffany Alfonseca
“The Representation Of Afro-Latino Culture Is Essential”
The Dominican-American artist talks about art, her roots and her new series In Quarantine.

In Conversation with Gê Viana
Confronting the Traumas of Colonization
The Brazilian artist speaks about her indigenous and black roots as trademarks of her work permeated with different languages.