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#metoo – where do we take it from here?

Since the #metoo campaign resurfaced in 2017 in the wake of the Weinstein scandal much has been said and written about sexual assault. The focus also keeps changing. It’s moved back towards #metoo founder Tarana Burke and even to the art world. Some say it’s gone too far, others say it hasn’t gone far enough. Some say it should be more inclusive of women beyond the West, while others think it should focus on the men now. We posed the question to a selection of female art practitioners – read their answers below.

Diane Lima, curator

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.

Audre Lorde’s statement take me to think that even with all the importance, urgency, and necessity of this kind of campaign and movimentation, our energy must be also around the idea of destitution.

What characterizes the position of men in our technopatriarchal and heterocentric societies is that male sovereignty is defined by the legitimate use of violence techniques. How, then, to find outlets and draw lines of escape from a regime of masculinity that is defined necropolitically by the right of men to give death either as a practice of governing, or as epistemology in all spheres of our lives?

I hope the campaign continues as a gateway to discuss redistribution of power because it is not only about representation but about performance. We need to effectively draw and imagine the world in other perspective.